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Dress for success

Updated: May 29, 2018

This week we discovered a company in California with a very similar name, which also produces cannabis infused baked goods. This means that if we ever want to go into the California market, we would be in direct competition with a company of a similar name who got to market before us and we would be asked to change our name. So we decided to change our name right now. Our new name is Lissa's Tasty Treats. Hope you like it!

There were many conversations leading up to this decision, but one of them in particular encapsulates our final rationale. Here is my fictional recreation of the story that was told to me about a conversation I didn't actually witness:

Person B: We are changing the name of our company.

Person A: What! Why?

Person B: We found a company in California with a very similar name that is in our exact market space.

Person A: You mean they sell weed cookies too?

Person B: They sell many things, but among them are cannabis infused baked goods.

Person A: Well, but this is weed world. Do we really need to worry about that?

Person B: We are intending to create a successful company, which may very well grow into the California market, if we do well in Oregon. If we just hope to never be in competition with this other company, then I think we are thinking too small. I want to act as if we will be very successful, and in that case we would need to think about potential competition and conflicts.

We at Lissa's Tasty Treats are serious about bringing quality baked goods to market in Oregon, and possibly beyond. We are gearing up to be prepared to grow. We hope to launch our first product (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!) around Memorial Day. From there we will see what happens. But we are moving forward with a hopeful attitude regarding our own success.

Our new logo

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