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Fresh n' Tasty!

We now have 3 delicious flavors!

Our regular Chocolate Chip dough packs a more potent punch: The same 50mg of THC is now in a cute little 200g tub of dough.
Our new Snickerdoodle dough is CBD rich, with less THC. It comes with cinnamon sugar to roll your dough balls in, and eating these you will make you feel grrrreat!

Our new Peanut Butter dough is eggless and butterless, so it is vegan, and also oh so peanut buttery. You are going to love it!


Warm & gooey

Made with love for you
in Portland, OR

We use a co-op kitchen in North Portland to make our delicious cookies. We pick up our own supplies from local wholesalers to cut down on shipping costs. Our cookies are made in smaller batches so that they taste just like homemade. We think you'll agree that our recipe is something special.



A full spectrum amber

Our cookies are infused using a highly pure concentrated CO2 extract processed by Full Circle from a variety called Oregon Star and containing a broad terpene spectrum. Just for fun, check out the cannalysis here. As with all edibles, you will experience more of a body high than with other methods of delivery. Go slow at first. Eat one cookie. Give yourself several hours to experience your unique reaction. Do you see things clearly? Does time seem to slow down? Do anxieties seem far away? Are you able to relax? Just notice where it takes you. Then, on another day, see what happens if you eat two cookies.


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